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Ready to print Illustrations and mock-ups for your business and events

Sport Digital Illustration

Height resolution. Royalty free. Flexible prices.

What is the product?
Ready-to-print mock-ups and images for souvenirs, competitions,
masterclasses and other exciting events!
Things are getting easier! Are you planning competitions, club day or masterclass? No more internet searching for a proper image for you sports events!
Add to basket images You like and size you need. Checkout with PayPal and get the link to download!
You get a ready to print height resolution image, made by professional.
Best images from Strekosa Design for your future products and event design
Height resolution. Royalty free. Flexible prices.
Remarkable images by 'Strekosa Design' are already well known in a world of rhythmic gymnastics. All illustrations are made with love and deep understanding of sport by height class illustrator Kseniya Semenchuk.
Best for souvenirs, royalty free deals!
What you'll get?
Buy once — use forever!
We offer you a highest quality sports illustrations, all created by a professional with love and deep understanding of sport.
All pictures are created with the understanding of human body mechanic and that is why my pictures look so alive! In my work i combine classic art technique and modern design equipment to create best to use sports illustrations.
Illustrations were first handmade (created with paper and colors in a traditional way) turned into a digital image. Digital Images are created in highest quality: 300 dpi (300 pixels for inch), RBG gamma. Best for small and wide print.
Great art-works and best technical quality!
All images are available in different sizes to choose. If you need an A4 size - do not pay extra! Buy an A4 illustration and start to create best souvenirs for your event or business. If later you need a bigger size - let us know and.. just pay the difference!
Price depends on a size - don`t pay extra!
For users outside Russia we provide online payments with PayPal. All your payments are protected by worldwide money transfer lider - PayPal. One more great news: all illustrations are royalty free, buy once — use forever!
Secure payments, royalty free images!

How to make a deal? Fast, easy, secure!

Step 1: choose illustration and size
All prices depend on a size you choose. Bigger size - higher price. Don`t pay extra - choose an illustration you like and the biggest size you need - all smaller formats will be included a package you`ll download after payment. This is Russia located site, all prices are RUSSIAN RUBLE.

1RUB = 0.01753 $ or = 0,0807 EUR (jan. 2018)
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Step 2: check out, pay online with PayPal and get a link to download
Fill an ordering form. Your e-mail and your cell phone will be needed to provide a deal. Check out, purchase with PayPal. You will receive a download link on the e-mail in 1-4 hours after payment. Please note, we send the download link ONLY to the e-mail you put in your ordering form.
Step 3: Create most beautiful products for your business or event!
Download link will be sent to the email you note in order form within 4 hours after payment. The link is valid 12 hours after sending. Use the image or a mock-up you bought for most beautiful souvenirs, t-shirts, bags, posters or anywhere in any kind on this planet Earth! Royalty free, for life!
Strekosa Design - best illustrations for your products and events!